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Packed with flaours , perfect to be picked & pan fried.

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It's white flesh is flaky and moist, and is delicately soft

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The flattened seawater fish is offered whole.

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enjoy our sea water fishes

Buy Fish Online

Fish is one of the basic sources of protein for many cultures around our country. In some, they are considered as delicacies because of which they are prepared on a special occasion, wherein some it’s a daily necessity. So one might buy Fish Online or from the location market offline. If you see the current generation they don’t prefer to buy fish from the place where their father use to buy, its because they find those local fish store stinky and unhygienic. The new generation has the option, you will often see them typing in their phone ‘where can I buy a fish online’ if they are not aware of any e-commerce who is selling it. If you ask your previous generation, they can not think of buying any fish without checking its gills to determine the freshness of the fish. But very few in the current generations know how to understand the freshness of any fish by just looking at their gills. That’s why they prefer to Buy Fish Online. Compare to the previous generation, the millennial seems to find less time for chores given their busy urban lifestyle. If such case if they get fish delivered to their doorstep, nothing like that. Now almost everything is available in E-commerce, knowing that the millennials end up searching for ‘where can I buy fresh fish online’ in their phone if it’s a new city for them and does not know the best option in that city. You all might have thought once before ordering from a new place, that how fresh will be the fish that you ordered. Well, it’s natural to feel skeptical when you Buy Fish Online from a new E-commerce. So if you haven’t ordered from us before, then let us tell you that we ensure freshness based on our supply-chain system. We make sure the fish or any other seafood items changes fewer hands from the time it’s being caught, till the time it’s delivered to you. This, in turn, reduces the total logistic time which ensures freshness. So if you want to know what is the best online fish store, it us, cause we will give the freshest of the lot and also ensures the best price for it. You might have seen most of the local fish stores keep just a blend of freshwater and saltwater fish, that’s it as they are the most selling ones. So if you are looking for exotic seafood like oysters, sharks or crab you might not find them. So you are looking for that exotic seafood and don’t know about any shop nearby which sells them. Hence you end up searching for where to buy seafood online. So now that you know about our freshness of product we deliver and also you know you will find all those exotic seafood items with us. Then why wait, if you are still having second thoughts about the hygiene of the place it’s packed. Then let us tell you, that all the fish and other seafood items are delivered from any of our Fish Mart. It is our chain of outlets across the country for our offline or you can say, walk-in customers. So we suggest you drop by to any of the Fish Mart just like any other walk-in customers, best if you come to the one closest to you. Then see all the options we have along with the hygiene that we maintain at our Fish Mart. Finally buy the seafood or fish you like. So that you can also see how they are cleaned and chopped. Hence next time when you wish to buy Fish Online, you will know which site you need to go. Among all the metropolitan cities of our country like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Noida, etc. Bangalore has the biggest market for Ecommerce for almost everything. Given that a significant part of its population is from outside the state, there is a huge demand for seafood products online. So if someone wants to buy fresh fish online in Bangalore, then you can come to our site as we cater to this city. Especially given the city is landlocked from all the sides, usually sea fish of most saltwater fish are a bit expensive, but not with us. We make sure the pricing is the same as the city near the coast. If you want to buy fish online for the best rate and best freshness, it’s us. We are into multiple verticals to serve you. If you are looking to buy groceries offline, then we have our Chota Dukans’ for you. If you want to buy them online we have that option also, just click on our grocery tab. If you want some fresh vegetables and fresh fruits we have our Khet Fresh Mart for that. Even for all kinds of electrical appliances and electronic appliances, we have the Smart Planet @Bharath just for you. For all kinds of news and update, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin.