Chinar Park

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Nearest Grocery Store to Me

The well-known place is our ‘chinar park’ the area in Rajarhat is a well-developed place, which owned the best commercial zone over the locations. And many of them expectation will be market nearest me or best malls and theatre are should be in nearby places. I used to look for nearest grocery store to me, when I was moved to this particular location, just fewer of supermarket near me was founded. Which were not much satisfied with the product and inconvenient to shop the required stuff, with the nearest grocery store to me. Where I intend to manage both with my office time and to take some time to the shopping on my required grocery items for my monthly maintenance. And one day I was informed by my neighbour that a grocery store which is open nearest to me, and store is with well organized and can be easily self-navigated inside the showroom with the best presentation of all the product. And now that is my one of the supermarket near me where I have come up with my basic and actual requirement on my monthly staples. Even I noticed with comparatively getting a good offer and best quality with good brands in all products and also with the best packing and free of cost delivery at the doorstep. Hence the nearest grocery shop to me is now with the name of Chota Dukan, where we can find a wide variety of grocery products with the lowest price and best quality. And not only with grocery, now we also get all types dairy products and fruits and vegetables with one more division of them are Khet Fresh Mart. And more upcoming division is Smart planet @Bharath in this you can find variety of best brands in small home appliances, mobile accessories, and sportswear, backpacks with a lot more apparel, which is the most required aspects that are needed in our present life. For more information and ideas please get back to us on Facebook, Linked In, Instagram.